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These are just a few of the tracks you can race at in the Philippines. Please send us information and
Pictures of any other tracks in the Philippines and we will be glad to post it here thanks.


This is currently the only active off-road race track in Metro Manila and you can visit the club website at The track features a very high drivers stand which gives a good view of the track and there is lighting for night racing. Check out the monthly organized racing and enjoy the off road experience.


The new Montalban track is finally up and it was worth the wait! The track and pit area measure over 3000 sqm and it is smooth, fast and fun to run on. The track supports both electric and gas racing and a weekly schedule will be available soon. The layout is challenging and there is enough space for a small party up on the drivers stand!


This is the view from the left side of the track. There are two different layouts one for nitro and one for EP.

This is the view from the right side of the track (from the end of the straight into the long sweeper). Check out the drivers stand, you'll have a good view of everything from up there!





This is a relatively new track that opened last half of 2000. Capitol Speedway is the home track of The Pit Shop Cafe -- the newest hobby shop in Metro Manila, which has brought many new racers to the hobby. The track layout is simple, yet the races are fast and exciting! There are many places to make the passing move on the car ahead. You can visit the track during the day and at night, you can have the lights turned on for a fee that can easily be shared by all the racers there at the time. Right now this is the only track you can run on at night and provides a much "cooler" alternative considering the tropical nature of our country.

View from the drivers stand



The Park Square track is the home track of LIL's Hobby Shop. This track is located on the top parking level of Park Square 2 in Makati. This track has been around for quite some time and it is where the annual Kyosho Pure Ten qualifiers and the Tamiya Cup races are held. The track is long and is suitable for both nitro and EP cars. The track has an easy layout and having speed can really make a difference. You should bring your own table and, for food, there are many places you can eat in the mall. There is also the LIL's Makati branch located in the mall so parts shouldn't be a problem.

Image from the end of the straight


There is a new race format in town and it comes in the form of the MINI Z! The Maximum Speed race track ,located on the second floor of Fiesta Carnival in Cubao, is one of the first tracks that hold organized races for MINI Z in Manila. The facility features a large MINI Z track and a MINI 4wd track. There are also parts and accesories available so check out the racing that starts at 6:00 p.m. and end at around 9:30p.m. Monday to Thursday. There are trophies and prizes for the winners.